Accidents And Incidents Involving The Douglas Dc-8

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1960 New York air disaster
The 1960 New York air disaster, also known as the Park Slope Plane Crash, was a mid-air collision between two airliners that occurred over New York City on Friday, December 16, 1960. The collision of United Airlines Flight 826 and Trans World Airlines Flight 266, caused Flight 266 to crash into Staten Island and Flight 826 to crash into Park Slope, Brooklyn, resulting in the death of all 128 people on board the two airliners, along with an additional six people on the ground.


Air Canada Flight 621
The deadliest accident at Toronto International Airport, now called Pearson International Airport, took place on July 5, 1970, when Air Canada Flight 621, a Douglas DC-8 registered CF-TIW, was flying on a Montreal–Toronto–Los Angeles route.
Alitalia Flight 112
Alitalia Flight 112 was a scheduled flight from Leonardo da Vinci Airport, in Rome, Italy, to Palermo International Airport in Palermo, Italy, with 115 on board. On 5 May 1972, it crashed into Mount Longa, about 5 km (3 mi) south-west of Palermo while on approach.
Alitalia Flight 771
Alitalia Flight 771 was a multi-leg Douglas DC-8-43 international scheduled flight from Sydney via Darwin, Bangkok, Bombay, Karachi and Tehran to Rome with 94 on board. On July 7, 1962 18:40 UTC (July 8, 1962, 00:10 local) it crashed into a hill about 84 km north-east of Bombay while on approach.
Arrow Air Flight 1285
Arrow Air Flight 1285 was a McDonnell Douglas DC-8-63CF jetliner, registered N950JW, which operated as an international charter flight carrying U.S. troops from Cairo, Egypt, to their home base in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, via Cologne, Germany and Gander, Newfoundland.


Canadian Pacific Air Lines Flight 402
On March 4, 1966, Canadian Pacific Air Lines Flight 402 (CP402), struck the approach lights and a seawall during a night landing attempt in poor visibility at Tokyo International Airport in Japan. Of the 62 passengers and 10 crew, only 8 passengers survived.
Cubana de Aviación Flight 455
Cubana de Aviación Flight 455 was a Cuban flight from Barbados to Jamaica that was brought down by a terrorist attack on October 6, 1976. All 78 people on board the Douglas DC-8 aircraft were killed in what was then the deadliest terrorist airline attack in the Western Hemisphere. Two time bombs were used, variously described as dynamite or C-4.


Delta Air Lines Flight 821
On 25 March 1969, Luis Antonio Frese hijacked a Delta Air Lines flight 821 (DC-8) from Dallas, Texas to Havana, Cuba. Frese was indicted in Texas but never returned to the United States to face prosecution.


Eastern Air Lines Flight 304
Eastern Air Lines Flight 304 was a Douglas DC-8 flying from New Orleans International Airport to Washington Dulles International Airport that crashed on February 25, 1964. All 51 passengers and 7 crew were killed. Among the passengers killed was American opera singer and actor Kenneth Lee Spencer and Mrs.


Icelandic Airlines Flight LL 001
Icelandic Airlines LL 001, a charter flight, crashed on November 15, 1978 on approach just short of the runway at the international airport of Colombo, Sri Lanka. The Douglas DC-8 crash killed 8 of the 13 Icelandic crew members, 5 reserve crew members and 170 (mostly Indonesian) Muslim pilgrims from South Borneo, out of a total of 262 passengers and crew.


Japan Airlines Flight 2
Japan Airlines Flight 2 was a flight that was piloted by Captain Kohei Asoh on November 22, 1968. The DC-8 plane was scheduled to land at San Francisco International Airport but due to heavy fog and other factors, Asoh mistakenly landed the plane in the waters of San Francisco Bay, two and a half miles short of the runway. None of the 96 passengers or 11 crew were killed or injured in the mishap.
Japan Airlines Flight 350
Japan Airlines Flight 350 was a McDonnell Douglas DC-8-61, registered JA8061, on a domestic scheduled passenger flight from Fukuoka, Japan, to Tokyo. The airplane crashed 9 February 1982 on approach to Haneda Airport in Tokyo Bay.
Japan Airlines Flight 446
Japan Airlines Flight 446 was a Japan Airlines flight from Sheremetyevo International Airport of Moscow, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union to Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport) in Ōta, Tokyo, Japan. On November 28, 1972 the DC-8-62 on the route crashed during the initial climb phase upon takeoff from Sheremetyevo.
Japan Airlines Flight 472
Japan Airlines Flight 472 was an aircraft hijacking carried out by the Japanese Red Army (JRA) on September 28, 1977.
Japan Airlines Flight 472 (1972)
Japan Airlines Flight 472 was a flight from London to Tokyo via Frankfurt, Rome, Beirut, Tehran, Bombay, Bangkok and Hong Kong. On September 24, 1972, the flight landed at Juhu Aerodrome near Bombay, India instead of the city's much larger Santacruz Airport (now Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport) and overran the runway, resulting in the aircraft being written off after being damaged beyond economic repair.
Japan Airlines Flight 715
Japan Airlines Flight 715 was a McDonnell Douglas DC-8 registration JA8051 on a flight from Kai Tak Airport in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong to Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in Subang, Malaysia. There were 69 passengers and 10 crew on board flight 715.


Martinair Flight 138
Martinair Flight 138 was a chartered flight from Surabaya, Indonesia to Colombo, Sri Lanka. The aircraft was operated on behalf of Garuda Indonesia.


Nigeria Airways Flight 2120
Nigeria Airways Flight 2120 refers to a Douglas DC-8 that crashed at King Abdulaziz International Airport on 11 July 1991, killing all 261 people on board.


Scandinavian Airlines Flight 933
The Scandinavian Airlines System Flight SK933, a McDonnell Douglas DC-8 Series 62, registered LN-MOO, named Sverre Viking, of Norwegian registry, crashed in Santa Monica Bay, approximately 6 nautical miles (11 km) west of the Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles, California, at approximately 19:21 P.S.T., January 13, 1969. The aircraft was operating as Flight SK933 from Seattle, Washington, to Los Angeles, California, following a flight from Copenhagen, Denmark. A scheduled crew change occurred at Seattle for the flight to Los Angeles.
Seaboard World Airlines Flight 253A
Seaboard World Airlines Flight 253A was a military charter flight carrying 214 American troops bound for South Vietnam. On July 1, 1968, the plane was intercepted by Soviet jets after it unintentionally violated Soviet airspace.
Surinam Airways Flight 764
Surinam Airways Flight 764 was an international scheduled passenger flight from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in the Netherlands to Paramaribo-Zanderij International Airport in Suriname on a Surinam Airways DC-8. On June 7, 1989, the flight crashed during approach to Paramaribo-Zanderij, killing 176 of the 187 on board, making it the deadliest aviation disaster in Suriname's history. Investigation revealed significant deficiencies in the crew's training and judgement.
Swissair Flight 316
On 8 October 1979, a Swissair DC-8 crashed while attempting to land at Athens-Ellinikon International Airport. Of the 154 passengers and crew on board, 14 perished in the accident.


Trans Canada Air Lines Flight 831
Trans-Canada Air Lines (TCA) Flight 831 was a flight from Montreal-Dorval Airport (now Montréal/Trudeau) to Toronto International Airport (now Toronto-Pearson) on November 29, 1963. The aircraft was a four-engine Douglas DC-8-54CF airliner, registered CF-TJN. About five minutes after takeoff in poor weather, the jet crashed about 20 miles (32 km) north of Montreal, near Ste-Thérèse-de-Blainville, Quebec, Canada, killing all 118 people on board: 111 passengers and 7 crew members.


United Airlines Flight 173
United Airlines Flight 173, registration N8082U, was a Douglas DC-8-61 en route from Stapleton International Airport in Denver to Portland International Airport on December 28, 1978. When the landing gear was lowered, only one of the three green landing gear indicator lights came on. The plane circled in the vicinity of Portland while the crew investigated the problem.
United Airlines Flight 2860
United Airlines Flight 2860 was a scheduled cargo flight from San Francisco, California to Chicago, Illinois, with an intermediate stop in Salt Lake City, Utah. On December 17, 1977, operated by one of the airline's McDonnell Douglas DC-8-54AF Jet Traders, registration N8047U, the flight crashed into a mountain in the Wasatch Range near Kaysville, Utah.
United Airlines Flight 859
United Airlines Flight 859 was a scheduled passenger flight that crashed on July 11, 1961 during landing at Stapleton International Airport, Denver, Colorado. The aircraft, a Douglas DC-8 airliner, slammed into several airport vehicles, including construction equipment, and caught fire, killing 18 (including one on the ground) and injuring 104 from a total of 122 people on board.


Varig Airlines Flight 837
Varig Airlines Flight 837 was a flight from Fiumicino Airport, Rome, Italy to Roberts International Airport, Monrovia, Liberia. On 5 March 1967, due to pilot error, the flight crashed during approach to Runway 04 of Roberts International Airport.
Viasa Flight 897
Viasa Flight 897 refers to an international scheduled Rome–Madrid–Lisbon–Santa Maria–Caracas passenger service that crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Portugal on 30 May 1961, shortly after takeoff from Portela Airport. There were no survivors among the 61 occupants of the aircraft.

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